Thailand Travel Safety Tips – Law

Bangkok safety travel tips

Bangkok safety travel tips : Security and safety measures in Bangkok

Although Bangkok is a fairly tourist friendly city, it’s always wise to be a little cautious, particularly if you travel alone at night or in an isolated area. Certain security and safety measures should be kept in mind to make sure you have the best possible experience in Thailand.
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Thailand Travel Safety Tips around night markets and busy tourist areas

You need to zip up and close up your handbag properly when traveling among the crowds. Pick pocketing and small petty theft gangs are on the lookout for opportunities, so the best defense is not to invite theft through negligence. In crowded areas, carry your belongings in front of you. A common technique of theft in Bangkok includes slicing bags open from behind with a razor or knife. Keeping your backpack, purse or small bag in front rather than behind you is the best precautionary measure one can take.

General tips about touts, scams and conmen

Touts, scam and conmen regularly target foreign tourists, lone travelers, vulnerable age groups and genders. Common places where conmen and scam artists linger include areas such as the airport, night life areas, sightseeing places like Jim Thompson house, Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace as well as in front of hotels- in particular, five star hotels. Some are disguised as tuk tuk drivers, taxi drivers, and hotel staff. These groups of professionals are from many varieties of nationalities as Thai, Pilipino, Malay or Chinese, who wait to make friends with you around the areas mentioned. They will try to approach you with offers such as free rides, free or cheap sightseeing tours, persuade investment in jewelry or introduce you to an illegal gambling den. Beware of those over friendly strangers. Please keep in mind, there is no free lunch.

Thailand travel safety : Sex tour awareness measures

Many Asian cities including Bangkok has a high rate of infection such as HIV. Partaking in the sex tourism industry exposes you to these risks. Many venues for sex tourism will claim to have “clean” workers, however one must bear in mind that it can take over six weeks for HIV to be detected. Be careful.