Vacation check list – Keep your house, Pack every you need , Be Ready for holiday

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Vacation Check list to tropical paradise

Vacation check list for Bangkok trip

If you’ve ever found yourself panicking about not preparing enough for your trip, print this page to use as a checklist to make sure you’ve got everything before you head for the departure lounge.

Vacation check list & Documents and papers

  • All vouchers, receipts, itineraries from the hotel or tour agent
  • get up-to-date vaccinations for your destination
  • Air tickets
  • confirm your flight reservation
  • credit cards/travelers’ cheques(not recommended to bring large amounts of money that is necessary currency
  • Passport (with valid date of passport more than 6 months)/visa
  • International driving license, if you rent a car.
  • Trip insurances
  • write your destination and your home address on your outbound luggage labels
  • Photos of your family members, especially your kids photos
  • Visa photo size 1′ and 2′ about 3-4, in case you what to travel to Thailands neighboring countries.

photocopies of documents (packed separately from the originals)

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Vacation check list & House and pets

  • tell a neighbor you’ll be away
  • if your car is alarmed, leave spare keys with a neighbor
  • throw/give away any fresh food
  • for long periods of travel, have the post office hold your mail at the depot
  • unplug electrical appliances, except freezer and fridge
  • arrange cattery/kennels, feeders or pet walkers
  • leave spare keys/contact number with someone you trust
  • ask someone to water your plants
  • lock windows and doors
  • set timers, to make your house appear occupied
  • be discreet about going away to reduce the risk of burglars
Package for vacaion
Cr Pixay bay

Vacation check list & hand luggage

  • Camera, with spare batteries and spare card for digital cameras, mobile phone
  • Medications & equipment (some of medications equipment may request to submit request with airline with document support)
  • Essential replacements in case your luggage does not arrive at your destination
  • CD/MD player and spare batteries
  • Support socks/leg exerciser for long flights
  • Glasses, spare contact lenses if required
  • some cash for when you arrive. It is better to bring NEW bank note. If you want Thai Baht, you can buy the Baht in Thailand airport which is much better exchange rate than off shore rate.
  • Book, magazines, newspapers (just a small one)
  • Moisturizer (small bottle for your hands only)
  • Sweets for take-off, to help stop your ears popping
  • Sun glasses
  • Suntan lotion and after-sun
  • Special dietary food and favorite snack bar
  • Hat
  • Handy umbrella
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Vacation check list & General packing

  • Spare luggage
  • Phrase book , language guide or /guidebook
  • Travel plugs/adaptors
  • First-aid kit
  • Toiletries
  • Swimming suite
  • Insect repellent, in case you travel outside of a major city or in the jungle
  • Flip-flops
  • Sunscreen and sun glasses
  • Shirts
  • Shorts

I hope this check list help you pack for vacation to prepare for a hetic vacation.