Is Bangkok safe for solo female traveller ?

female in building
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Bangkok is considered as the safest places in the universe for women. Most of the time the safety problems are similar to any traveler experience. Even though there are some exceptions.

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The Thai people are helpful, friendly and non confrontational. Thailand is usually really safe for female; you must not allow your protection down fully. It is good to get some guide for female who looks after you during the trip in Bangkok Thailand. Here some Travel tips for women when travelling to Bangkok, Thailand.

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Where to stay? Recommend safe area to stay

The busy area is a safe place to stay since it less potential  crime trouble . We recommend to stay the convenience area such as

  • Riverside area, near sky train
  • Silom area which has a lot of things to eat all day long, There is a lot of nice hostel
  • Ari area, very close to sky train and easy to reach the weekend market with lot of hip pup and restaurant
  • Prompong or Tonglor area, This is another nice area that easy to reach shopping mall and nightlife area.

Staying in nice area can save you from a lot of trouble.

Next where choose the right place to stay.

It is depends on your budget. Five or Four Star hotel rate is around 80-150 USD/ night. If you can effort that is good. If not, we recommend some 3 star hotel , good hostel which is good. If you stay very long time, air bnb room is also nice selection.

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Safe tips when travel alone in Bangkok

Watch out when walking along a quiet street especially in the evening.

More exactly ride through bag snatching is turning very common. A motorcycle zooms by so close, the passenger grabs the handbag from the shoulder and it is just a moment, you have lost everything.

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Late night

Terrifyingly, slipping one arm by the bag loop and next on the head is not more of prevention anymore. These people drag you and the bag till the bag’s handle breaks or they will also slash the bag’s handle with a blade. By both the ways, the risk of harming yourself is developing. Particularly at late night or by the back streets or lanes. It is very silly like it is in the home city; aside from here you do not impulsively understand the bad places. It is not good to walk on the beach lonely, and this includes the sunrise beach.

There are plenty of scantily clad bar females does not refer you must perform the similar thing. For everyone it is openness and approved, Thailand is nice conservative, hence use a bra or cover up properly, do not stray very far.

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Going out at night

If you rent  a car and go to nigh club, there are some service that you can call to use go back to your room safely.

  • APS : You drink , I am driving
·        All New taxis, female taxi is on request
  • All Thai taxi , we like this taxi service which is comfortable to travel with experience driver and new car
  • Using tour operator which can assist for your convenience


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When to visit temple, warning and right manner

Do not touch a monk, or provide anything to them directly, rather set it on the floor before them or provide it to a man to give to them. Tang top and short seem not proper to wear while visiting the temple.

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Employ Common Sense

Females are not invited in certain temples, verify the signs. In spite of Bangkok’s denseness and size of the urban core, Bangkok is a safe city for both men and women, provided that you apply certain common sense when you are going for a day tour in Bangkok Thailand.

Be careful of referrals from taxi drivers when it arrives to suit shops, jeweler shops, restaurants and bars.

It sounds scary but in fact it is not. So be prepare for your trip is the best.

Have fun with the trip to Thailand !

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Things to do for females traveler in Bangkok

Most of day tours in Bangkok, Thailand which operated by licensed tour operators are safe for females traveller. For instance, the Grand Palace, Canal tour, shopping center, museum  and temple tour. This is top recommended activities in Bangkok that you can go around on your own or using tour guide if you like to learn from local people.

For outside Bangkok trip, you may consider going to Damnern Saduak floating market and Ayutthaya Historical City with the tour operator.

Talk to your tour operator which is able  to get the best advise for your travel plan. If you budget low, it is best to use join tour which is less cost.

We hope you find this article useful.

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