Princess Mother Memorial Park – in Bangkok ,Thailand

The Princess Mother Memorial Park Bangkok, Tourist Attractions

Princess Mother Memorial Park created by the current initiative of the current King  since 1993. The King would like to preserve the history of the building since it was once his mother resident place. His intention was to make this place as a museum for a memorial of Princess Mother and develop the area as a community park. This could be re creation place for people around the  area and set a ceremony or gala events of the festival. The park is full of variety vegetations which Princess Mother Memorial Park love and the area divided into two parts as the museum and the park.
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Thing to do in the Princess Mother Memorial Park Bangkok

Princess Mother Memorial Park is not main Bangkok Tourist Attractions. It is not crowded like other parks in Bangkok. This park is not big but calm and serene. There are 100 years old banyan tree makes the place is very shady. The museum inside show the life of HRH Princess Srinakarindhra’s life before she got married and become a part of a royal family. There is a story of how she came from and ordinary family. There is a replica of the home of the prince’s mother which has resembled as it was in the old day. There are lower relief statues of the prince mother shown how she had work for public as a part of royal family member’s duty. She traveled in different part of the country that shown in the image and met various people and activities that involve.

Princess Mother Memorial Park Bangkok is intended for a beautiful garden and landscape. They grow the vegetation that the Prince like. Visitors could smell flower of frangipani, Tabernaemontana, divaricata, and lobes, etc. There are an octagonal pavilion created to celebrate the jubilee anniversary eighth birthday princess mother and is now enshrined princess mother memorial statue.

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House simulated Princess Mother Park Bangkok

A replica of the original home of Princess Mother had sat when he was a youngexpress is a simple, Thailand. Museum building Restoration of historic buildings to be used for the museum exhibits the history and work of the Princess Mother.

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Academic buildings Princess Mother Park Bangkok

This building is for exhibitions and a reading corner, as well as for leisure time. Pipat Art building is a historic building to deploy the Art Center building for the exhibition of art and culture, Thailand by rotating exhibits throughout the year.

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Stone carving Princess Mother Park Bangkok

Stone carving Princess Mother by job processing sculpture carving large stone reliefs. Located in the middle of the park House simulated  a green sandstone brought from Korat long eight meters high, 1 cm thick, 90 cm, weighs about 32 tons. The office building Restoration of ancient buildings to deploy some office buildings for use as staff performance. Some of the remains of ancient buildings will be preserved as part of the landscape, such as the entrance arch ruins Exhibition.

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 Park Royal Princess Mother Park Bangkok

This advantageous location like a remembrance of love and commitment replete with a continental agreement in Majesty. He presented the Princess Mother who benefit from this park is the local people as Bangkok tourist attractionsThis will be a place for the royal history of the Princess Mother as well as the preservation of trees, the original 100 year old trees among the historic buildings and contemporary art. It is also a place which expresses devotion. The people of Thailand, China, Laos, guests Buddhist, Muslim residents into sharing his message with peace.

The park and museum are very well maintained, shady and really pleasant place to visit and add this to your green place of Bangkok tourist attractions when you visit Bangkok.