Suan Pakkad palace Bangkok at prince house ,Thailand

Bangkok attractions at Suan Pakkad palace Bangkok

Suan Pakkad palace Bangkok is on Ayutthaya road, presumed to be the residence of prince Joomphot Boripat. The prine brought part of demolished scripture and chanting halls made in Ayutthaya period to rebuild in this palace. Hor Tai is a room with a balcony and Ho kien a wooden gazebo cover all three areas cover a full cover illustration of Buddhist stories. This is one of the master piece building of this palace as well as in Bangkok.
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History of Suan Pakkad palace Bangkok , one of the best Bangkok Attractions

Since 1952, Suan Pakkad palace open doors to outsiders to visit the magnificent Palace. While the owner is still used as a leaving residence, this place was not so popular as Bangkok attractions due to the small number of tourists visiting Bangkok.  1959, Prince Jumpaphong boripat the owner of this palace pass away, his wife gave Suan Pakkad Palace Bangkok in charge of the foundation Jumpot- Panthip and turn into a “museum suan pakkad palace Bangkok since then.

A trip to Suan Pakkad palace Bangkok

Traveling to the palace by the BTS Skytrain Phayathai Station and get off at  exit 4 down, walk toward the right direction for 5 minutes you will see the Palace. The admission fee us 100 baht/ person. Suan pakkad palace museum is on six acres comprising 8 Thai houses, each of which will have a connecting walking distance. The Museum of Ban Chiang,  pantomime and art museum exhibition, on display in the building Jumpa- Panthip.

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There are a local guide that can show you around and provide with deep information about the place as well as each object and antique collection in this place

1:Exhibit dynasty statue of Thailand. Century 23-25 and instruments Mom Borioat is Thailand’s ancient drum large number six leaves, Three-stringed fiddle and alto xylophone. The upper floor has a modern Buddha Uthong of Thailand, India and Myanmar Kantharath. Antiquities important. contemporary stone sculptures, like his idol, the UMA. Idol Authanaree.

2: Most personal collection box outside the Tripitaka (Buddhist Scriptures,) in Ayutthaya,and the walls have ivory carvings of Thailand Phan pearl, ivory cartridges etc,.

3: Displaying various antiques, including porcelain container Thomngern and Thomtong.

4: a tower of the west. Pearl Tower, the front doors. The late Ayutthaya period Century within 22-23 days of the Buddha is Tarawadee, Sriwichai and Sukhothai Buddha is the chapter about the home is a “cave of Ali Baba”, is a collection. Strange, beautiful rock samples both domestic and foreign.

5: Exhibit glassware, silverware, gold stripes, which Boriphat and other has accumulated, are also chinaware clay dolls. Coins of different periods of both Thailand and many countries.

6: exhibit different container. The ancient pottery Chinaware Sukhothai Chinese porcelain and various clay dolls

7: Displaying the context of Khon Ramayana in various fields of the arts, including painting, sculpture show. Literature and literature Doll Army at war Gumphagun, dolls made of clay. , Mask-size puppet of which will demonstrate the craft of artisan Thailand and skilled people.

8: The upstairs exhibit Chiang san artifacts, including pottery painting, bead bracelet bronze ax head in the ground floor of the house, showcasing ancient rocks, shells and animal remains small in rock fossils.

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Caution : 

All visitors must walk bare foot . The administrator will provide a plastic bag to put your shoes inside. . In some room, they are not allowed to take pictures inside each room. There are so many things to see in Suan Pakkad palace since it one of the main Bangkok attractions. If you love old and wooden architecture , you can visit this place.